About VDB Coins

A Collector First, A Dealer Second. VDB Coins owner George Huber is a collector first and a dealer second, strictly following the motto:

Life Is Too Short To Buy Ugly Coins”

He will sell no coin that he would not buy for his own collection. He started collecting circulated Lincoln cents by filling up blue Whitman coin folders around age 10 and sold his first coins at age 12. He has been involved in buying, selling, trading, and collecting coins ever since.

A Former Heritage Auctions Cataloger. George possesses vast experience in U.S. numismatics and for more than 12 years was a full-time coin cataloger for Heritage Auctions—researching, viewing, attributing, and describing hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of U.S. coins. Among the signature coins and collections he has cataloged are portions of the Jules Reiver, Ed Price, Eric P. Newman, Tom Mershon, Joshua and Ally Walsh, Walt Husak, Donald Partrick, Steven Duckor (Barber halves and Saint-Gaudens double eagles), Eugene Gardner (Seated Liberty coinage), Galt’s Gulch (Type One Liberty twenties), and Lemus (David Queller patterns) collections. As part of the Heritage team, he cataloged, among many other rarities, two 1804 silver dollars, a Gem 1796 No Stars quarter eagle, an 1876-CC twenty cent piece, two 1913 Liberty nickels, two 1927-D double eagles, three 1943 copper cents, and the Canadiana Collection.

Specialist in Copper Cents, Type, and Toned Coins. George maintains a passion for Lincoln cents and copper coins in general (especially beautifully toned coins) but has wide experience buying and selling most U.S. coin series, including type coins, gold, silver dollars, Indian cents, Buffalo nickels, Mercury dimes, silver dollars, Conder tokens, and Latin American, Canadian, and British coins.

Member of PCGS, ANA, NGC, CAC, NACA. VDB Coins is an official CAC submission center and a registered member of PCGS, NGC, and many local and regional numismatic organizations, including the Blue Ridge Numismatic Association and the Tennessee State Numismatic Society. We are members in good standing of the American Numismatic Association and the North American Collectibles Association.

A Registered Virginia Dealer. After being a vestpocket dealer for many years, George began operating under the VDB Coins name in 2004 and launched VDBCoins.com in 2009. VDB Coins is a registered dealer in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

We have an advantage over larger dealers who must charge sales tax in multiple states. We only accept U.S. orders. We always offer Fast and Free Shipping Over $99! Virginia state 5.3% sales tax is due on orders of $1,000 or less to Virginia residents. That tax is waived if you have a Resale Certificate (ST-10) on file with us. We have no storefront and operate only via the Web, via our VDB Coins eBay store (but prices are cheaper here!), via Instagram, and at a few coin shows a year. All coins are kept in bank vaults.

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What Collectors Say About VDB Coins

“I have bought 11 of their coins in the past 2 weeks. I will say AMAZING!!!! You won’t be disappointed. Thanks for the coins!!”
—Verified purchaser JBock, Aubrey, Texas

“VDB Coins has been a reliable source of quality examples of coins specific to my collecting needs from the more common, to the rare and difficult to find. George Huber is always a pleasure to deal with, offering personalized service, fairness, and timely attention to detail.”
—Andrew G., New York, N.Y.

“George at VDB Coins is the type of dealer I love to buy from again and again. Each time I’ve purchased from him, I’ve received beautiful coins and plenty of background knowledge regarding each coin. VDB Coins is definitely a company I trust to help me with my Registry Sets and I will continue to buy from in the future.”
—Bryan H., Wilmington, N.C.

“After multiple purchases, George at VDB Coins is one of my go-to dealers for Wheat cent toners to find that certain coin no one else has.”
—JGDCoins, Wayne, N.J.

“George has been my go-to dealer in locating me some extremely hard-to-find, esoteric rarities well up into the five- and even six-figure range. His networking and persistence skills are awesome.”
—Mark H., Sheridan, Wyo.

“I really enjoy working with George at VDB Coins. I feel that he always works to find me the best coin available that will still stay within my budget.”
—Mike A., Muscatine, Iowa

“George is one of a kind! Very responsive and always willing to work with you, not to mention a great selection of coins! Will definitely be back to buy more.”
—Brian D., Yonkers, N.Y.

“I recently bought the most beautiful coin in my collection from George at VDB Coins. It’s better in-hand than expected, and I’ll treasure it in my coin collection for the rest of my life.”
—Ryan D., Redondo Beach, Calif.

“George and VDB Coins is the dealer you can rely on for quality toned Lincoln cents and more. A prime selection of quality toners will leave you scouring his website to find the right coin for your collection.”
—JGDCoins, Wayne, N.J.

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