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1921-S Cent MS65+BN PCGS CAC, Ex: ‘Abe’s Coloring Book’

1921-S Cent MS65+BN PCGS CAC, Ex: ‘Abe’s Coloring Book’. Dedicated Lincoln cent collectors know how difficult this date can be to find in excellent condition, since mushy mintmarks and/or date digits and eroded reverses are par for the course. The present Gem Brown Plus example suffers none of those maladies, of course—a fitting acquisition from the former #1 Toned Lincolns Registry Set. We sold a really nice MS65BN example to a longtime customer a couple of years ago, and this is the first MS65 (regardless of color) that we have been able to lay our hands on since. They’re not making these any more, folks! PCGS Population: 8 in 65BN, 2 in 65+BN, 0 finer. CAC (CAC ignores Plus signs): 6 in 65BN, 0 finer (2/2021).

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